GUYS, is this an actual thing? During the early stages of dating, you'll still meet up with & contact other women just in case things don't work out?

I hear frequently that when you start seeing someone, it's okay for them to see others since you aren't exclusive. I agree that it is OKAY and nothing is wrong about it, however, wouldn't you question the other person's interest if they are taking you out as well as others?

which leads me to my question, if a guy is seeing a girl he really likes and it's been a few dates, intimacy, sex, but no exclusivity yet... I am not arguing that it is okay for the guy to see others, but if he is talking to other women and going out for drinks with other women, whether he is as interested in them or not as the girl he is already seeing, then is he just not interested... Or is it like "just in case things don't work out, and until we are exclusive, or I know for sure I wanna date her, I'm going to continue my game..." And it has nothing to do with the current girl he is seeing. Is that how guys think? Or is it, if he is open to seeing others while seeing the girl, his interest is lacking in the girl?

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  • It's common but isn't right. They keep exes hanging on as backup plans


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