Should I kiss him?

So there's this guy who wants to sort of go on a date with me to the movies and he said he'd like to kiss me. I like him, he's a nice guy, but him and my "friend" went out for a little while. She was the one who broke up with him and after she did she did awful things like telling people about their intimate conversations and stuff and he got upset and talked to me about it cause we're kinda friends now. So is it ok for me to be doing this or is it wrong cause he's my somewhat friend's ex?


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  • That wasn't okay for your friend to do that to him. And I think it's clear you know that (?) .

    If you like him, you should be able to be with who you want to be with. It could hurt her though, so be careful. I'm not sure how harsh the relationship was.

    • Well they only really dated for a week, he's four years older than her and she asked for some photos which he sent and then she called him a pedaphile so... yeah and then she blamed it on someone else saying they had taken her phone and so her and I aren't friends anymore but I try to still be nice to her

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  • Yes go out with him and if you want to kiss him. The same kind of thing happened to me. Now I'm dating the freind that defenced me against my ex slandering me.

    • Wow, alright well I guess I'll go for it. Thanks anon

    • Your welcome I wish you two good luck and God bless.

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  • You guys aren't friends anymore so it shouldn't matter. I just think that if you feel hesitant don't go for it. You should only kiss him when you feel completely comfortable, otherwise it may ruin the moment.

    • I feel comfortable with him I'm just worried about what she'll do if she finds out

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    • Well she did a lot of awful things to other people because they sided with her ex so... I don't want to be on her bad side lets just say

    • If she does anything just report her

  • who cares about your friends feelings. she sounds like a bitch. you do you girl.

    • Alright, but what if she does something?

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    • Well she spread rumors about some other people who got onto her bad side

    • Yeah, but those people will always exist. You just have to ignore them and not let them get to you. I'm sure if she does this a lot no one will believe her if she makes something up about you. Just make yourself happy and don't worry about her. She seems like a crappy person anyway.