Why do girls start to ignore guys and especially guys they like out of no where -(Texts)?

Simple info/facts:
Does she know you even exist?- Yes, of course
If yes, how do you know each other? -Through similar classes in school (High School)
Does she know you like her?- Yes I even told her, not just like, but like "A lot"
Do you think she likes you back?- Possibly... Uhhh Yes! I mean I have my own reasons to suspect but not certain...
How old are you?- 15&1/2
How old is she- 16
How tall are you?- 5ft8
How tall is she?- 5ft6&1/2 or 5ft7
Are you guys friends? Not really, we keep in touch but we don't hang out like friends do, more like acquaintances "Still" who happen to like each other or something :P
Do you guys have many, if any mutual friends?- Sadly no, not many if any. IF so we would definitely hangout ;)
How often do you see each other?- We used to everyday (Similar classes), but now that we dont have similar classes, its only once or twice a week in the hallways if we're lucky...
Does she smile and or say hi to you when she sees you?- Yes!
Are there any other forms of communication besides "In person" interaction?- Yes of course, text-ing, about 1 or 2x a week, but sometimes she reads my text (Questions & statements) and doesn't reply (Ignoring or something...)
If yes who initiates?- Me mostly, her sometimes...
Do you compliment her?- Yes, thinks like how beautiful she looks, her hair, dress, eyes etc...
Has she ever complimented you before?- Yes, she likes all if not most of my Fb & Instagram pics/selfies/post (Haha that count?), she thinks I'm a great person (Told me), and lastly but not least, she has told me that she "Adores" me :)
Have you guys ever touched before?- Yes, a full body hug :)
If yes, who initiated it?- Her surprisingly!!!

So that's the basic (s): Why do you think she ignores my text sometimes? Don't get me wrong, sometimes she replies right away or in less than 30 mins or so. But why does she take up to 1hour, 4hours, if she seems to like me (At least I think)? Does she even like me, do you think so or no?

Thanks everyone :)


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  • Maybe she is doing something else at the time of the text for example eating dinner with her family, working on homework, hanging out with her friends. I often read a message when I'm busy and get back to the person when I have the time to write a thoughtful response.

    I wouldn't worry to much as long as she often responds and is friendly with you in person.

    • Well most times its probably because she is busy like you said I assume, but sometimes it seems as though she consciously ignores my text or at least delays her responses... That's why I'm wondering why she ignores me and yeah. I shouldn't worry that much as long as she often responds and if she is friendly in person. But about you reading the messages when you're busy, only to finally respond when your ready, I'm wondering. Wouldn't that make it seem as though you purposely are ignoring the person who sent the message, bcs that is exactly what she does or something similar. But thanks for the comment! :)

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  • You're reading too much into it. She may be busy. That doesn't mean she doesn't like you.

    She may also be testing the waters, to see if you're needy to the point where "you need her response".

    You may also just be asking too many questions. Maybe just hold back a tad?

    Don't get to attached to her. You'll find others in the future. Prepare yourself for the worse case: she may just want to be friends and not more. Friends hug. Friends compliment each other. Whether you guys flirt is a different story.

    • Yeah that's my issue, I think too much into things, and umm. The fact that I like her "A lot" only makes it worst I think. But I need to not get too attached to this girl like you said, but bcs everything has gone pretty well so far between us. Its kinda hard not to :3 and yes friends hug, friends compliment, nada nada nada... But I feel like it might be more than that, but who even knows anymore haha Thanks a lot for the comment! :)

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  • woaaaaaaaaah chill out Mr. Hormones

    • Hahaha I know, I know, I know... XD

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  • Well, one did, but she's a Catholic and a lot of Catholic girls do that.

    • Haha what do you mean by that? Why would a catholic girl over a non-catholic girl choose to ignore a guy?

    • Their beliefs might make them less susceptible to dating, I don't know, but a lot of Catholic girls aren't the type that easily go on dates, based on my experience.

    • Ahh I see, but thanks for the comment. I think she is a christian, not a catholic so I don't really know...

  • Move on, women sometime use texting as a game or test etc, forget about it.

    • Yeah that's something I might have to do... But umm should I just confront her or ask her politely why she delays her responses or ignores my questions/statements "sometimes"?

    • You could but if it were me I would say fuck it I hate playing games although it's hard to avoid all these little tests and hoops that women do and make you jump through.

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