Girls, Girls who work in this store all whisper when they see me?

Ok so first time I went in this store this girl was staring at me for ages who works in there now everytime I go in they all smile run around like there in drugs and whisper to each other. Or if I walk past the doors a girl will see me tell her friend and they will look at me. I don't know them I'm about 21 years old wear designer clothes work out a lot , blue eyes about 6 foot and abit tanned. It's not that I'm looking for any kind of mind reader to answer this its just abit weird how everytime I see them outside of the store they seem kind of nervous to maintain eye contact like if they walk past. But when I go in there's like 15 girls all whispering and smiling and looking at me. It's making me kind of scared to go in lol. I would prefer a girls opinion as girls know girls lol and I haven't got a clue this is so confusing


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  • You sound like a knockout. I guess they are just admiring your good looks and thats not a crime. You should be happy.

    • It makes me nervous as they been doing it for a year or so. And I considered maybe one of them likes me? But then when I tried to see which one it was hard to tell as about 12 out of 16 girls all doing the same a few just stare and smile some continue working and kind of glance and smile to them selves and others just stare and all whisper to each other lol

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    • I see I do get a lot of attention off women but in very self conscious as I have been hit by the body building bug. Never happy with my physique

    • @Asker, what ever makes you happy as long as its healthy and not illegal

  • Maybe they're all wondering how it's possible to be so ugly ;P

    • Lol I try not to be ugly I worked out slinky in the gym since I was 14 I am now 21 , I go to the best barbers in my city wear suits. Lol but if u was ugly wouldn't they want to just avoid me at all costs. Just abit freaked out as they been doing it for a year everytime I walk in or even past they either stand their smile at me , whisper to each other in a big gang or if I walk past they run to each other after seeing me. Or if I walk upto the shop they stare at me as I walk from a distance to the door or if any of them see me outside they seem hesitant to maintain eye contact like they don't know if they should look at me or not or what ever lol it's just so annoying I feel like I can't even walk into the store without them kind of terrorising me lol

    • I am paranoid lol