I turned him down?

I've been talking to this guy since September last yesterday, we talk/text everyday we've only met up once for the weekend as he lives 4/5 hours drive away from me, we get on really well etc etc. Obviously we both really like each other, he asked me to be his not long after we met up (April) and I told him the timing wasn't right (that part is hard to explain) but I didn't turn him down completely now it's June and we're still talking like how we was in September and still feel the same way.

My question is; is he waiting for me and for the right timing? how long would you wait for someone you like to be with them? Thought guys would get bored of waiting and go to the next girl who could be available now to him?

Cheers in advance :-)


*year, not yesterday lol


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  • why not tell him he is wasting his time if your noot interested, he might be waiting for the right time to ask when he feels you are nice enough to him


What Girls Said 1

  • Why are you dragging the poor guy if you don't want to be with him? Why would you lead him on?