Why does she lie about her past?

So my girlfriend and I are pretty serious. We raise our kids together, tell people he/she is my best friend and talk about marriage constantly. My question is why does she feel the need to lie about her past? She's told me the truth as far as guy friends goes and even of there was any kind of sexual relationship. But the problem is she lies about the extent of their relationship. If they slept together, they only kissed. If they used to send photos to each other, they only made out when they were drunk. Dont ask how i know the complete truth. I just do.

Why does she need to lie about it? It's her past and i dont necessarily care as long as she doesn't need their attention or affection anymore. But why does she play their roles down?


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  • Maybe she doesn't want you to judge her. Or she doesn't like to talk about it


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  • It's in her past. You're in her future.

    The past doesn't matter man. If you want to keep her, you have to get that through your head. She's with you. She's choosing to be with you. She had kids with you.

    She probably plays them down because she cares about your feelings, and it doesn't matter as much. Those guys were in her past, they aren't in your present.

    If anything, you need trust in your relationship, and you need to trust her. No matter how you feel. Just one of those things if you want marriage. If you can't get over what she had with other guys, then are you sure you want to marry her?

    It's one thing if she saw one of those guys now and was really flirty. That's where you need to ask yourself and her, what you both want. But if it's just past stories, I'd drop it.

    I know it's hard, but it's one of those things.
    Best of luck :)

  • Wait whoa... whoa whoa whoa...
    Don't ask how I know the truth.. I just do?

    A far better question here is: Why do you need to know about it? Of what consequence is this to you and your future?

    • There is no consequence to my future. I just know when she is lying. Instead of throwing in elaborate details about her body language and how easy it is to read her i just said i know the truth.

      I've made thousands off reading people so I think I know. Not to mention I've dealt with too mwany liars. Its just easier to say that.

    • Yes, I played a lot of poker, too. Then ask her, I doubt any of us would know what she's thinking.

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