Do you believe in love at first sight? Hear this out and tell me?

Ok so this is a real experience. I was waiting around and I saw this guy and suddenly I was struck with something. Believe me it was exquisite! I had never felt such a thing in my entire life. I stared at his face like I have never seen such a beautiful person before. I was like immensely attracted to him and it was not like a sexual one (i was younger too so) It's been about 3 years and I still think he's as beautiful. He was older than me by the way.
and this guy would stare at me even when im not looking, he'd come and stand infront of my class, gaze at my face and i could feel like he felt the same. we've never talked, never asked each other names, nothing. and after a year he left the school and after a few months i left too.

do you think we exchnaged like a vibe or something? cuz even though i dont believe in like true love and stuff, that, what i experienced was really beautiful.

do you think he felt the same?


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  • Of course I believe, from my own experience...


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  • Love? like true love? no. love is a feeling you get from knowing someone intimately

    i think you experienced infatuation


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  • It's called infatuation and lust. You can't "love" someone without even knowing them for real.

  • absolutely not. Lust at first sight ya sure but love is a lot more complex than that

  • Nope

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