Girls, what would you do if your boyfriend wanted to get a vasectomy?

So I've been pondering the idea of getting a vasectomy for years now. I don't want children and I'm going into grad school so I want to prevent all obstacles i. e. Children from getting in the way. I've recently started seeing this woman and she is absolutely fantastic, but i dont know how she'll react if I tell her about my desire to have a vasectomy.

  • Break up with him, since he does not want childre
    29% (2)
  • Accept it and eventually enjoy "protection less" intercourse
    29% (2)
  • Convince him otherwise
    42% (3)
  • Become upset and end the relationship.
    0% (0)
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  • I chose "convince him otherwise" cuz it's the closest.. but at the end of the day it's your body. I personally THINK I want to have kids, so I would like the option to do so if I choose. Children are one of those unfortunate dealbreakers, eventually you either want them or you don't and if you're not aligned with your partner then there's not much you can do because I don't believe children should be something that is compromised on. I said convince otherwise, not to try and convince you to have kids, but just to hold off until you're really sure.


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  • Where's the "be ecstatic that he's ready to take that step" option?

    My boyfriend and I have discussed this, since we don't want kids. He's worried about complications but will do it eventually. For now, the Nuva ring seems to be working for me. I had tried an IUD but that didn't work out. Had the ring been a failure as well, him getting snipped was probably going to be the solution.

  • I don't want kids either. I'd be fine with that.

  • I'd be OK with it, I have my little boy and when we were trying for him, he was all I wanted. But I'm not sure I want any more children.
    My son is beautiful. He is truly the best thing in the world, but having kids is hard. It takes everything out of you and pushes you to all of your limits, and while it's all completely worth in every single day, I can't see myself doing it all again.
    I'm happy just to watch my son grow up and enjoy every minute with him.

  • I'd have a long and thorough conversation with him, hoping that he's not absolutely determined to get a vasectomy.

    I'd listen to his reasons, and also tell him mine (for wanting children/not wanting him to get a vasectomy).

    Relationships are a two-way street, so if, after discussing it thoroughly, we can't reach any compromise whatsoever, I'd end it. I'm someone who wants children, so if my partner doesn't want children and is not wiling to come to some compromise (i. e. freezing sperm, etc.), then there's no point in pursuing the relationship in my eyes.

    • So in my case let's say my girlfriend does want children (I haven't asked to keep the vasectomy topic from coming up) and i do not will it just be a "sorry we couldn't agree have a nice life"?

    • No, I wouldn't be "sorry, have a nice life." I would seriously try to see if we can find a "middle ground"... though, honestly, with the topic of children/vasectomy, there is no middle ground.

      For me, I'd want to know his reasons. Even if it's as straightforward as, "I've never liked kids, and because of that I've never wanted kids." If I just get a simple, "No, don't want kids", I'd be wondering WHY you don't want kids --do you not like kids, do kids scare you, do you have some other serious underlying issues regarding kids that stem from your childhood, etc. If I see that he at least has reasons, then the discussion can progress.

      I would exhaust all my resources to make the relationship work. Ultimately though, your body is your body AND my body is my body, and if we absolutely cannot agree on what we want with each other, then I wouldn't be able to move forward. I wouldn't completely cut him out of my life though.

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