Should I ghost him? I really like him/ am falling for him, and all I can think about is him?

I don't think he has the same feelings for me, I'm so afraid I'm just a casual dating girl for him. I've been falling for him since the first time I met him.

He took his time to have sex with me, the first night we met he was extremely nervous to get my number even though he's a smooth talker, we talked all night and view things the same way, have great inside jokes, good sex, kiss passionately (and he moans while kissing), he several times has told me "I was about to say that" - we really have similar ways of thinking and are alike in significant ways - like views on life. He cuddles a ton before and after sex and our sex life is very intimate (lots of eye contact, close etc).

I have the best time with him, and am falling. However I'm so so so afraid that this is only physical for him, are those signs its more than physical or could be more than physical for him or not? I thought I could feel his feelings in his kisses but I guess I was wrong since I read on many sites his way of kissing does not mean much.

I see him once or twice a week max, because of schedules I think but lately I've been initiating most of our dates, though when he's busy he rearranges his schedule to see me.

In a few days it will have been two months, we still haven't talked about exclusivity or feelings. I had a month ago invited him to my best friend's wedding thinking it would be fun, and he declined forcefully saying it was not his thing.


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