Why would a guy opt for a girl he is less into?

He was my friend for about three years in that time we seemed to becoming pretty into each other he would talk about me to his buddies (who I also knew and would tell me), main issue with him was the constant nervousness he carried not with other people not when interacting with other females just me and if we were alone together it would get amped to a state paralyzing silence and constant looking away and then back and away again. Point is he's with someone else now; not someone he knew prior, not someone who causes him to retreat back into his shell just a random girl he met one night at a bar and within the week of meeting her were in an exclusive relationship that was immediately made public leaving me devastated.

My question why would a guy opt for a girl he is less into?


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  • You guys never got comfortable with eachother :\

    • Or he couldn't get over that nervousness with you. Damn thay sucks!!!

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    • I guess that means he saw something more than you. Forget him.

    • He saw something more in her than you.**