Should I massage him?

I met this guy on a dating website we starting talking and texting and snapchatting! He wanted to start doing crazy things over snapchat. I told him I wasn't like that. He said that's fine. Well, it kinda blew up. And now we aren't really talking anymore. I miss talking to him. Should I text him or should I just let it go? I feel like I'm the one who ended it. What should I say if I text him?

  • Yes text him!
  • No don't text him!
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Instead of massage it was suppose to say message!


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  • Go ahead and tell him you want to massage him.

    • What should I say?

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    • Okay! That's fine. So... like the day after I asked the question. He messaged me... long story short. We've been talking again. He's told me I was his number one and his women. And that he's my man... he also told me he is sexually attracted to me... what do you get out of that?

    • His saying that you're his number 1 and you're "his woman" sounds a little over-dramatic at this point, but on the other hand he obviously is still interested in you. Saying those things makes me wonder if he's saying what he thinks he needs to say to get inside your pants. From what you've told me you'd rather take things more slowly. That's just my 2 cents worth.

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  • The only reason he stopped talking to you because he knew he probably isn't going to get laid, or whatever it is he's looking for.

    Now that in itself should tell you what his intentions are and how much he really cares.

    He's probably got many other girls that he's messing around with - which explains why he stopped pursuing you.

    Especially guys on these dating websites aren't looking to exactly find their Cinderella... a friend of mine even said himself that 99% of guys on a dating apps are looking for sex - he is on one himself.


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  • No massage me instead

  • Hi my name is Eddie don't do what hi say in line you can chat but not crazy thinks?

    • I'm sorry, What are you saying?

    • I say you're speaking with guy in line and hi ask you to do crazy thinks in line in cam and i say don't accept

  • if u are ok with him to do sexual things go , if not dont go

    • What do you suppose I say?

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    • You think that's all he wanted? He kept telling me it was ok. That I wasn't sending him those pictures.

    • he will want again
      he will look forward to a spare (right time) for pics
      i guess

  • He is probably searching for multiple girls to get nudes.


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