Girl not interested in dating?

Went on a date with a girl a month ago but the past 4 weeks she's been away due to work commitments. Asked her for out some casual drinks just to catch up when she got back today but she said she's not looking into going on dates with anyone at all at the moment. She's travelling to China for 2 months after this week.

Should I move on or keep hope that when she returns she may want to date? I mean I understand fully why she wouldn't want to date but it seems weird that she didn't mention to me about going on a date when she was back home after her trip

I suppose my biggest question is if a girl was interested would she have let going to China for 2 months atop her going on 1 date with me before hand?


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  • If she ain't interested , no reason to waste your time and effort in something one-sided.

    • That's the thing though the first date was all her which makes it so confusing. If I turned her off surely we would have lost contact after?

  • When she said she isn't interested in dating she really meant she wasn't interested in dating you.

    • That's what I thought but the fact she's away for 2 months made me think different... Like not much point dating someone if you're leaving for a long time (I would as I'm a romantic!)

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