Is it bad that I didn't ask him out yet?

There is this guy that is in my college class that I have a crush on. I'm 20 and he is 28. I didn't ask him out or get his number yet because I am shy and he hasn't made a move to ask me out. We talked during class and we have a lot in common but I'm not sure if he likes me back. My last day of class for the semester is Thursday and I still haven't made my move to ask him out yet. Is it wrong of me if I didn't ask him out yet even though he is much older than me? If he was really interested in me, would he have asked me out by now? Should I bother asking him out if he is much older than me?


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  • umm why dont girls understand that they are the ones who are supposed to choose the guy they want, girls dont usually get rejected, their beauty prevents that, and plus girls dont care much about guys, guys are the opposite its common for guys to be rejected, have interest in so many girls, etc, but that doesn't mean guys are going to make the first moves, guys are not really supposed to, obviously.
    i just dont get it.
    if there's something you want to know about a guy than just ask him.
    so yeah its bad that you didn't ask him out yet etc


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  • If the age doesn't both you and you get along, then go for it. I know the feeling though. I was in a very similar situation, except he was 29. We got along really well and I so badly wanted him to ask me out, but I wasn't sure how he felt about the age gap. I asked him out after the final but not really in a date way, mainly because I didn't want the pressure! I said something like, "I really enjoy your banter, now that the class is over and I won't be seeing you, did you want to hang out sometime? (if you haven't exchanged numbers, insert, my number is.. X here)"

    We never did hang out, we texted for a bit, but plans fell through and I started being interested in someone else. It was a no pressure way of asking and it was super comfortable, so... I would/did go with that.

    Good luck!


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