My best guy friend gave me a kiss on the stomach?

My guy friend and I were just joking around like we usually do and started wrestling over the remote for the tv. While doing this, I bit him in hopes he would let go of the remote. Well, it worked and we stopped for a moment and just laughed about the whole thing. We were still on the floor and just lied there for a moment. I looked at him and he made a facial expression that made me laugh. I also subtly played with his hair. Within the next second, he pressed his face onto my stomach and slightly lifted my shirt. Then that's when he gave me two kisses on my stomach.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this and to be honest, there was something about it I enjoyed. I see him again tomorrow and plan on bringing it up.


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  • Aw :) not sure what to say here but that sounded adorable xD if I were to make any sort of guess, my first guess would be that there was also "something about this situation" that he liked, too.


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  • Your best guy friend has the hots for you.