Girls, Is there a chance with her?

Is there a chance with her?

Ok there's a girl in my computer class who I thought I had no shot with and what even added to that was a guy always say near her and talked to her so naturally I assumed it was only a matter of time before they started dating. Well today I'm sitting outside the class and she comes up the stairs I'm looking at my phone and she starts a conversation with me about the homework from there she goes you know a lot about this stuff you went up in front of the class and wasn't afraid. That part caught me off guard cause I was thinking wow she pays attention to me. She told me non chalantly that this guy sits near her and always try's to give her answers on assignments. I told her that if she wants a good grade she shouldn't do it because he might show her something that isn't on the test. Lastly I told her I didn't wanna come off arrogant but I know a lot about computers and that I'm in there mainly cause it's a requirement for my major and she laughed. So being completely honest my mind was like else where I was like inside my own head when she was talking to me I was like is this really happening like I was looking at her and how attractive she was pretty face, nice body, legs, hair everything like it couldn't be real that she was talking to me

Thanks for opinions
I hope she single


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  • Ask her to hang out sometimes

    • From reading this is there a shot

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    • But being honest like I said above I was kinda in amazement I was thinking wow is she really trying to talk to me

    • Ok so I threw in the towel on this situation

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