Why does my backround interfere with who I wanna date?

I'm Greek and well were very limited on who you date. it really sucks I guess. us girls aren't allowed to date






and there's a lot more but the thing that's really annoying is that when I go to Greece every summer there's always albanians and were not allowed to talk to then and if were caught dating or even fooling around oh were DEAD! I just don't get it why are we Greek girls so limited and the boys aren't this doesn't make any frickin sense!


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  • Its not your background but your parents and their views, don't worry you will grow up and make decisons for yourself, it may or may not make your parents happy...thats life

    • They said that if I ever bring any of them home they will drop dead!

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    • Lol hope you like the one they find. Have you seen My big fat greek wedding that could happen too. Sounds to me like you are already married to someone lol....

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  • first off. I love greece. was sooo mad I couldn't go chaperon for my high schools senior trip there a couple weeks ago. really into ancient greece for some odd reason I find it very fascinating.and I'm currently learning greek right now. trying to anyway. =)

    on to your situation: tho I haven't really figured out why most greek families/traditions won't let the girls date outside there race, I guess you'd call it that, I don't think you should be limited on that. as long as you have the same beliefs, religious and not, then there shouldnt be a problem with it. plus you can't help who you fall for and want to be with. but for now you may want to accept your families traditions and beliefs at least till you're a little older since it says you're under 18. maybe you should wait a while and then talk to your family about it. that would be a good first step at least. if it doesn't work, after you turn 18 you're at least adult enuff to make whatever decision you want

    • How are you so into ancent greek sh*t I'm not! its not tht grate. I learned greek b4 englis. but anyways its true we can't do anythign if I go out wiht my freidnsi turn around I have people folowing me. and I really hate it