How soon do you text her "Good Morning :)"?

Alright so today I went on a date with a woman whom I really like. She's cute, talented, and HELLA smart (she has a masters degree in Aerodynamic Engineering). I've been in the dating game for a few years and I really like her. I think I have strong feelings for her, I can honestly see myself settling down with her if all goes well.
I think the first date was a pretty good success, we met up at a park and threw the disc back and talked (found out we have a lot in common). Then we walked for a little bit and watch Disc Golfers throw a couple times. Then we had a beer and burger (it was good). She seemed to like me, she carried the conversation pretty well and seemed interested in what I had to say. She never looked at her phone while on our date (loved that). I held the door open for her and yes, I picked up the tab when we were done. I even folded one of the $1 bill tip into a bow tie, she liked it so she kept it. I got her number at the end, so that was a win. Overall I thought it was a success...
She's 32 and I'm 28. I've never really dated anyone older than a year than me so I feel a little bit intimidated. I've been thinking about her all day after our date.
Anyway so I REALLY don't want to mess around with this one, ya know? I wanna play the righteous game with her. I think she's worth my best shot. I feel like I need to honestly try with her. I don't want to keep her waiting for my text but I don't want to seem like I'm texting her too soon to make it sound like I'm clingy.
Guys, If you text "Good morning" to your girl how soon do you do it?
Ladies, If you had a successful first date with a guy where you left him your number what would you think if he texted you "Good morning" the very next morning?

Thanks in advance :)


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  • I think you should leave the texting for making plans etc. I hate when guys text me to have full on conversations through out the day. It makes them seem like they don't have a life and aren't busy at work etc. If you really want to text her say something along the lines of "good morning! I had a really good time last night, I'm hoping we can do it again. Are you free this week?" That way it shows you have a point to messaging her and aren't disturbing her during her work day to have a texting convo (just seems highschoolish to me)


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  • 4am sharp . she'll be waiting.