After settling my all time biggest fear, do you think I should advance on my crush?

So I am taking calculus over the summer right now and it is going pretty great so far. After Thursday I will have 45% of the class set in stone so it is pretty set after Thursday's class. My terrible math teachers made me fear calculus for years and after taking this class I am wondering why I believed them all these years!
Anyways, I am taking this class with a girl I knew for many years. We talk every night before class and share our problems with the homework each night so taking the class together worked out amazing in each of our favors!

I just want to know would it be weird if once I am settled in this class to state that I have a crush on her?
Like I would love to tell her that if things are meant to be and I get an A in this class, then fate is telling us that we need to be together? I'd love to tell her that I would love to have you be my first kiss!
Do those lines sound unrealistic and not possible to use in real life? Really though, by the end of this class I would love to go up to her and just kiss her but would that be bad if I didn't confirm with her before that it is alright? She is pretty laid back and obviously we are both pretty smart to be in calculus afterall. Just want to hear some opinions!!!


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  • You sound like you're in love.

    Yes, I think it's indeed timely to make an advancement by asking her out verbally and in person.

    Forcing a kiss is harrassment especially without consent. Too intimate, too. Before attempting to kiss her, you both should be a couple first haha. 👫

    You seem to have your own delusions but you're sweet enough to think about those lines. Be careful about telling her, though because it'll either sweep her away (if she likes you back) or scare the most out of her (if she doesn't).


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  • Ask her out - yes, ''meant to be''/''first kiss'' lines - NO!!

    Your best bet is to literally go up to her, tell her you like her, tell her why (things like you're funny, or interesting - not 'you make my days bearable') and ask her out. You'll have no better success rate than that, anything big or too immediately emotional screams needy and insecure which isn't the sort of person you can have a healthy relationship with.

    and definitely don't go up to her and kiss her without warning, it'll get you rejected at best, slapped and kicked out of class for sexual harrasment at worst

    • Lmao thanks for the advice! I kinda put that there for opinions on the matter. Just because I had that thought doesn't mean I would be that stupid to go up to her and just kiss her randomly Lol!

    • Haha fair enough mate, always worth a mention though, you think no-ones that stupid but I had a mate try it and get immediately kicked out the pub

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