Just Go for it?

Being in this class which was my biggest fear of all time, when I get to a specific point I would love to tell my crush who I have known for several years and is taking this class with me how I feel... If I do which method would work be best?

  • Just kiss her
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  • Admit I have a crush on her
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  • Tell her that I would love for her to be my first kiss
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  • Don't tell her as that will ruin your friendship
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  • None. Ask her out on a date or to hang out

    • I didn't make that an option...

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    • I'd love to just tell her that when we are just walking together one day after class! It'd be something that is either going to get a yes or a no and that is all I need for closure. Plus I've never tried it before so it may be shocking to see it work really well?

    • Yea just saying I like you... you can I guess. Good luck xoxo

Most Helpful Guy

  • I dont think any are the correct anwser. you should probbablly just try to become closer and if its supposed to work out it will. If you just admit you like her there are three possible outcomes. 1 you admit you like her and she doesn't like you, = you get your feelings hurt. 2. you admit you like her and she had no idea, (most likely outcome) this ones just akaward and can be okay but its still very akaward. 3. she's crazy about you as much as you are her and was hoping you could read her mind. this ones the best case scenerio but least likely. The best approach is to be able to SHOW her you like her and she will accept most likely. good luck!

    • Thanks for writing out those scenarios for me... Unfortunately I have waited for years and now is the time I am going to do something about it once I am in a stable spot in this class! So those odds are extremely small but I will still test them out!!! Me personally a life goal would be the third option of my poll and admit that!

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    • We all have dreams haha! Having my first kiss would be amazing too! Too bad it does not snow in Florida :/ so a kiss in the cold weather is out of the picture. That is a cool profession idea, I was going to become a Chemistry major too but ended up deciding to be an computer engineering major. I realized that I would love to be a ride engineer for orlando themeparks but if that does not work out I would love to be a game developer.

    • Oh neat lol well l live in north Alabama so every once in a while we can get snow up here but it's only one day a year usually

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