Is he going to ask me to Homecoming?

Hello. So this guy I like told me for the second time that he just wants to be friends, which I respect. He told me that "We could still go to Homecoming together: not as a couple but as friends." The thing is that I don't remember agreeing to go together in the first place. I don't know why he said "still." I had asked him if he was going before, but I didn't ask him if he wanted to go with ME. Was he planning on asking me but accidently let it slip in here? Was he saying it just as an option or what? Please let me know of any thoughts.


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  • It could mean pretty much anything, people fuck up sentences all the time - i'm not sure how homecoming works but in the UK you usually end up hanging about in a big group of your friends anyway, maybe he was talking about that and trying to reassure you it won't be awkward or something


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