If a girl liked a guy and that guy she liked he liked another girl and she wanted to move in anyway, name somethings she would do?

Assuming everyone knew each other. If a girl liked a guy but the guy liked he liked a different girl and she wanted to move in on it anyway, name somethings she would do to get in the way and prevent them from getting into a relationship.

PS, this new gag arrangement having to deal with past questions before you can ask a new one is too much of a hassle making things very inconvenient, soon it's just not going to be worth it.


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  • Why would you be asking about an other person and why does he want to prevent them from getting into a relationship? That is selfish and vile.

    • From my observation it seems like she likes different guys and she don't want the guys she likes landing another girl. I seriously suspect she's been saying negative things to the other girl about him in order to turn her off.

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  • you don't 'get in the way and prevent them getting in a relationship', because this makes you a shitty person, aside from all the personal reasons to avoid that, it'll spoil the relationship you want to build with that person - there'll be no trust and probably no compatibility (because you did a shitty thing).

    If you want this guy, tell him you like him and ask him out, after that balls entirely in his court, if you force the issue you make 3 people miserable including yourself

    • You don't think she would try getting in between the two to be vindictive such as if she can't get with him neither will he get the other girl either?

    • There's a lot of spiteful bastards out there; tragic thing is anything you do to prevent that sort of thing makes it massively easy for you to look like an arsehole. Only real answer is to roll with the punches, whoever the guy likes it'll be for a reason, which is either physical and/or emotional. By doing the 'prevenge' you run the risk or harming that emotional connection

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  • If I was the girl. I would attempt to make her look bad and make myself look good, being careful not to seem like I care but I would probbably try abd seduce the guy into liking me so I could have him to myself thus keeping you from the girl.

    • What about her trying to steer the other girl in a different direction such as off to another guy?

    • she could try but itd be obvious and wouldn't work most likely if the other girl was origanally set on the guy

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