Girls, how do I start a relationship?

Im 25 never been in a relationship, never even kissed a girl, never had sex. I just don't know were to start out. I don't many girls who want to go out with a guy that doesn't know how kiss and has never been on date before.


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  • -Be confident in yourself. That is the most attractive quality that any person can have.
    -When you carry a conversation with a woman, try to be as natural/chill as possible. Coming off too eager can become a turn-off.
    -DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use pick-up lines, unless you're using it as a joke, they have never worked on anyone.

  • Step 1. Step outside of your house.
    Step 2. Pick a random girl on the street
    Step 3. Give her a flower and say she's cute
    Step 4. Ask her for a date
    Step 5. Collect phone number

    You should go to places with a ton of girls, like a university campus. You will face A LOT of rejection but you will find a girl that agrees to your date and gives you her number.

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