If a good looking guy doesn't make a move on you, will you give up on him?

Suppose in a class, you like guy A, but,
he is too shy or maybe just isn't interested in talking to girls, he sits at the back of class with his male friends, always laughing and having fun and is intelligent.

Guy B, is not so good looking but he makes moves on girls, he talks to them.

Would u give up on guy A for guy B?

  • Girl will give up on guy A if she is sending signs of interest and he is not making a move.
  • Girl won't give up on guy A if she really likes him, she will make the move first.
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  • Well if I keep sending signs of interest, that already counts as a first move. Maybe I'd even be brave enogh to start a conversation if I ever caught him alone. But if he still doesn't flirt back in any way, I consider him not interested and try to move on. If a really nice guy comes along who is interested in me, his looks don't matter that much, I'll try to give it a shot.

  • I won't at the beginning but one day I probably will especially that I'm shy myself & approaching someone even twice would be really hard for me!


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