Can a girl lose interest And start hate the guy without any reason?

So i have been dating a girl for 1mobth we hang out a lot And everything was Fine And she liked me a lot but i noticed that she losed interest And i asked her to come out And talk about us but she didn't come so i said to her i will be knocking on ur door in Few minutes if u dont come bc like she live with her parents so she got it as a threating or somethibg And got really mad so i left her before she leave me but now i heard From her bff And her squad And classmates that she hate me a lot And she call me "the most Dickest guy ever" so my question is ! Does there Any explenation for what she did And doing right now or she want From me?


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  • Dude, she's just not that into you...

  • Girls become very sensitive when they like someone, that's why when you guys get the silent treatment you don't know what you've done wrong, half the time.
    Usually, you won't have done much wrong at all to you or anyone else, but it's huge to her, even if all you did was look at her the wrong way.

    It could be defence thing, she doesn't want to be humiliated so she's found some negatives about to protect herself so she doesn't end up making a fool of herself.

    Or she's playing games and she wants to fight for her.

    If she has got this upset over a misunderstanding or something very small, chances are she was always expecting you to let her down, and now she's found something. . That's more of a reflection of her being hurt in the past than one of you or her.


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