He kissed me and pretends I'm his girlfriend but then doesn't bother to come and see me or even message me?

I've been talking to this guy since April, last week I went to watch him play in a pub, when I left I had a message at about 4am saying that he kissed another girl (we aren't together) and that girl was one of his friends little sister so to keep the peace he said that he had a girlfriend which was me. That day we met up and he kissed me several times. Later on that night he went out with his work friends and I saw him, as my sister was in the car I didn't tell her we kissed that day so when he tried to kiss me I moved my head and said that she was in the car watching. He said that he'll come and see me soon and that I should drive carefully! He made sure I was sober to drive (I had one drink and my sister had about 4) he kissed me then I went back into my car. He never came to see me (this was a Tuesday). He didn't reply to any of my texts so I got annoyed. I ended up texting him to delete my number but he replied on Friday saying that he hasn't had texts and stuff. I saw him in his work that Friday and it was okay, he said again that he'll see me soon.
Saturday I went out with my friends, he was working and before I went home I went to get a bottle of water as I was feeling very sick! He spoke loads to me me and said AGAIN that he'll see me soon! He walked me out to the car (my sisters boyfriend picked me up).
the next day I text to apologise for being drunk, he said it was fine and that he couldn't come and see me because he was tired. That night I saw him coming out of a bar with a girl and a guy... I wasn't impressed. Then he deleted me off snapchat then added me again... I messaged him Monday asking why and still no reply 🙄
I really like this guy but I feel like he's just messing me about!

Last night I asked him to come and talk to me. He read the message and didn't respond. By the time I got home and into bed, he put up a photo of him and a girl (he was topless) in bed together... Feel like such a twat for messaging him


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  • What do you like about him? He sounds like an idiot.

  • Forget him.