Should I ask her out and how?

There's this girl that I'm really into at my volunteer work. I've only been there for about three-four weeks so far, but we seem to have a connection going on. This past weekend we were working on a project together - alone - and this is the connection really shone through. After, while getting lunch, she slyly hinted about her exes texting her on her birthday, and that one of them had told he broke up with his new girlfriend - obviously hinting that I should ask her out (right?).

Problem is - I haven't seen her since then (decided not to come into the office monday) and won't for two more days - she also never initiates texting, but usually texts back. Did I miss a chance with her? Should I still go for it? I was thinking I would text her and ask her out to lunch before we go to work... or something like that.

So I basically sent her a needy-isa text, she saw it, and she did not reply to it at all.


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  • "obviously hinting that I should ask her out (right?)."
    Not really.

    You sent her a needy text? You dun goofed!


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  • Better you go for it and find out, than not and then regret it later. Good luck, dude.

    • I think I screwed it up real - tried sending a good opening text and realized immediately after that it sounded really needy and desperate

    • Well... bummer.

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