I don't know if the guy I'm dating is genuine. How do guys relate to girls that they're truly interested in... do they only relate to them in a physical way?

I've been on 3 dates/3 months with this guy. All 3 dates consisted of us having sex. Which is fine with me because I was thinking this will go somewhere since he seemed to want more plus he has said that. Then after 2 mths, he says I love u. So naturally I think he's serious about this. I didn't reach there yet. But I did have trouble w/ that phrase because we really haven't had much deep convos. So it did bother me. Plus w/his work, he is on the phone a lot and at the end of the month is busy. I didn't hear from him in several days. I reached out couple times, he responded. But he really wasn't making any effort to reach out to me. Not even a little 5 second text message. Its the inconsistency that gets to me. I mean, is this normal, is it supposed to be this way? Then he tells me to take it slow... Im asking for a text message, just some thought. What do think, does he really love me, is just having sex ok? I haven't been in a relationship in a long time. My husband died 3yrs ago. And now that Im dating, it seems a lot of guys dont want to commit but theyre quick to say I love u which doesn't make sense. So i tried to end it because i didn't feel i was getting what i needed. Plus everytime i tried to talk to him about anything that might bother me, his only response was 'i understand', never really having a discussion. So was i too hasty with ending things? Should i go on another date with him? Help explain to me my guy's intentions. This question is mostly directed to guys but anyone is welcome to answer. thanks


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  • You're just free pussy

    • ... ooook, so then why would he say I love you? That was completely out of left field. He just said one day, "idk y but I feel like telling you I love you" and then the next day he did. He says that's how he feels and there were no issues with us at that time so it's not like he was trying to bait me. So what ur take on that then?

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    • Good grief ur quite blatant, but OK thanks for input.

      Honestly, I really didn't want to hear it, that's not what I was looking for so soon. Also u didn't answer part of my initial question which was "how do guys relate to girls whom they're truly interested in"?

    • We relate through commonalities

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  • All he wants to do is all he is doing with you - having sex

    Why would you think its going to go somewhere beyond sex when all you're doing is having sex? look at his actions. he isn't bonding with you and getting to know you and spending time doing nonsexual things. You tried to speak your mind and end things but he wanted to be a manipulative ass and not care about your feelings because he wants to keep getting sex so block his number and never fuck with him again

  • Kind of like the TV remote, guys rely on it because it does what they want. But when there's something or someone they REALLY want, they'll go out and get it or do whatever they can to impress them and show that they are someone worth being committed to. Meanwhile where do they leave the TV remote? At home, without even a thought. Don't be the TV remote.