How can I tell him/should I?

So I've liked this guy for a while and recently asked him to get coffee with me, which he agreed to do. It was nice, but nothing really happened and even though I think he understands it was a date and would treat me differently if he was interested, my guy friend says I need to be more direct and is basically forcing me to tell him I like him tonight (we're playing "yes man" all summer for fun). We've texted once since, and got coffee on Friday. I feel like if he is interested, he needs to make the next move, but my friend says all guys just want girls to be direct with them.
Im afraid telling him will freak him out and I should wait for him to make a move, but on the other hand I really want to know if he is interested. What do I do?

When we got coffee, he paid and offered to drive me to the coffee place, which is why I think he knows it was a date. My other friend also all but let slip that I was interested in him.
I feel like everyone on this website replies to every question but mine haha


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  • Why would it freak him out? It's common for people to like other people. If you can't step up and tell him you like him, you can't expect him to "make the move", that's double-standards.