If a guy you used to see secretly asks you to message him should you do it?

There's a guy that I work with who I used to see secretly... but one day he ended things so it got a bit awkward between us for about 3weeks but we would still say hi etc. Now, today as I was leaving he stops me n tells me to message him later tonight when I'm free.. So I'm wondering if I should or shouldn't... for some reason I feel a bit weird about it.


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  • Why the secrecy are either of you a cheater?


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  • He told you to message him? He could easily just message you, since it was on his mind and he thought about it. Dont do it. if he can't come to you he's not worth the trouble. especially since this guy ended things with you anyway. More than likely this guy just tryna fuck anyway he dont mean you no good.