Why is my ex being so mean to me? Please?

I broke up with my ex 2 weeks ago and we got into a big argument via text last Friday and i told him some really mean stuff. Fast forward to today i pull him to the side and aplogize (we attend same classes) and he was just being a d*ck to me saying i didn't need to pull him to the side to tell him this and how he doesn't want a relationship with me anymore (on his own) and Everytime id speak he'd be like "ok ok" like with attitude. He said i pissed him off coming up to him. Is he seriously over us or being a douche on purpose?


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  • Sounds pretty done with the relationship.

    • Yea but he's handlin it immaturely. We somrtimes share assignments and he gives me attitude then like yesterday. Why not just be cordial?

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    • Yea but thats childish. If i didn't give a damn id be indifferent by not being mean.

    • To him it maybe his method of payback.

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  • You broke up with him, then got in an argument and said mean things to him, then wonder why he's being a douche or giving you attitude? Well, probably because he think you were being a bitch and couldn't care less if you apologize. Just let it be and leave him alone.


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  • You are the fucking douche. Pack up your pussy and move on.

  • Sounds like its not the reaction you hoped for an your ego is hurt.
    If he is being a douche, why would you care? you're done with him anyway


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