When my girlfriend asks me what's new? What does that mean? Is that just asking what's happened on the day or does she have something on her mind?

I was also wondering if she has somthing on her mind when she is asking me this but I don't know if she does or what it could be. Or if she is wanting me to ask her something or to talk about something. If someone could that would be awesome. Thanks!


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  • She is simply asking:"What's up?"
    Nothing more.


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  • Since you're over analyzing a simple phrase, alright let's overanalyse some shit.

    Why did she pick "What's new" to ask about your day instead of "how's your day"?

    "What's new"
    The word "new".
    The dichotomy between the "new" and the "old".
    The new , different, innovative , not before experienced.
    The old , circling the drain , dated , familiar.
    To ask "What's new" suggest that she's asking what's something that's out of the ordinary in your life, something that's beyond the same old routine you live everyday.

    Depending on the person it might be positive or negative.
    Some people take comfort in routine and familiarity. Some people become bored by it.

    Such is over analysing some shit.

  • she just doesn't know what to talk about and wanna start a conversation.