Why being unwanted and repulsive to women make me feel totally useless and worthless?

I have always repulsed girls and women , no girl has ever talked to me nicely and has ever been friendly with me. Neither do I give them friendly or approachable vibe. Almost all other guys joke around, have fun, enjoy and even date and have sex with women.
I am sexually repulsive, I am unappealing and ugly bodied.
Since past few years I have been feeling very low sar, depressed and totally useless and worthless.


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  • I don't believe you're as bad as you think. Many times, we exaggerate on our shortcomings because we are too fixated on them.
    I have small boobs for example and blame them for everything lol

    Take some time to focus on yourself. Build self worth and confidence by learning a new language, taking up a new hobby, do something that enriches your soul. Focus on you first and foremost and love yourself before you pursue love again.

    • Small boobs is a good thing, it's better than having huge boobs anyway , so why do you even worry?😠
      I am super hairy , you can get to know I am very hairy even when I am all clothed by looking at my hands and thick chest hairs poking out of the top. I am short and thin built as well and my penis is small as well

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  • Please be a troll. Please be a troll. *crosses two fingers together*

  • You can't be that bad surely, maybe because you think this way about yourself you project that onto girls and it puts them off, you need to stop worrying about the girls for now and work on yourself build up confidence and self-esteem so you at least appear confident and secure in yourself confidence is such a sexy thing and it attracts people, change the bait which is you to a more confident and secure you, that is when you will see and know your worth.

    • Obviously I can't change myself. I have ugly skinny body. I am short as well and have thrice the amount of hair on my chest and belly than others pubes. I have really hairy shoulders, back as well. I am 4'11

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    • I can wear stiletto and wax efry inch of y body fur daily?

    • Okay

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  • Forget the comments of these misandrist, if I were you , I would stop about thinking about women for a while. Go have fun and do different things. They will tell you that you need is confidence which is crappie advice. After a short time period try to make solely female friends and a lot of them and see what happens from there.

    • I can't make female friends. I can't talk to a female ooeny and frankly. I can't