How do you feel when someone has feelings for you, but you don't feel the same way?

Someone falls in love with you, you are everything to them...

But you don't feel the same way...

Unrequited love...

Are you flattered, love the attention, feel sick for breaking their heart?

How would you feel?


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  • i feel bad for hurting them. but flattered. everyone likes to know they are loved.


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  • As a guy who already had to put down 2 girls in a month, it sucks to do especially if their good girls. But I have to be real

    • But why does it "suck"... What do you feel? Guilty? Bad for hurting them? Happy that girls like you?

    • It sucks cause me personally , I hate to make people feel bad and this can be a hit on their self esteem.

      Yay that you like me. But sorry that the feeling isn't mutual

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  • I don't feel anything. I never lead someone on, I never give the wrong impression, people always know where they stand with me. I only date people who I feel strongly and 100% for, which I know after the first date. So, if someone I catches feelings for me sorry but it's all on them, my hands are clean. Sure, I feel bad about them because I know what it's like to have unrequited feelings, but besides that's about it. I already forget about it the next day.

    • It usually happens to the people who are not sure about their feelings for someone, so they give it a shot just because they can. And then they end up "not feeling it" and breaking someone's heart (what a surprise). When will people understand that not being 100% sure how you feel about someone is NEVER gonna end up well. Ever.

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