Girls, I got pinned by a girl last season during our conference tournament. Since then it seems like I can't get a date at my school. Am I paranoid?

I had to hear a lot of crap and just think maybe I need to find a girl from another school.

I really just wanting to hear that I am lol but please be honest. Is this a big deal for girls my age?
Guess I can't pick a " most helpful opinion" yet. This site is weird lol


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  • It's not that big of a deal, but some jerks probably think you're a loser... BUT YOU'RE NOT!

    • Yeah it was very embarrassing but I just get the feeling I'm the class loser now

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    • God I hope so. I was winning in the last period but I got tired out. She spladled me so that's why I don't think anyone will forget. It's a totally embarrassing pin to get put in

    • Thanks for listening to my humiliation lol

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  • lmfao

    • Thanks...

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    • ohh lol ok, im gonna go. nice convo:)

    • Ha-ha sorry to bother you lol

  • You got pinned?
    What do you mean? Did she attack you?
    Yes, you are definitely being paranoid.

    • I was in a wrestling tournament and she beat me. She pinned me and won the match

    • Ohhh.. but if anyone thinks you are a loser, then they are full of shit.
      But still, you are being paranoid af.

    • I didn't really have trouble with girls until I got pinned by one though. There is a lot of teasing. Just seems weird

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