Nervous for the date text before our first date... What does this mean?

I met this girl at camp (both counselors), and we have a date set for tomorrow night. Out of nowhere she texts after askin about what to wear :
"also high key I'm nervous so this can be super chill right
like we could just be friends so I don't have to fell pressure to make you think I'm cool or something
Does that make sense? haha" and then follows it up by saying " I'm over thinking I know, just wanted to put that in the open haha"... what in the world is she saying?/ am I in the friend zone or what? this is a first for a first date with me... kinda seems like she hasn't been on many dates really/hasnt been in a long time... any help would be appreciated


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  • She's just nervous lol. She's just asking if she can be normal around you and not try to impress you a bunch because she's hoping you think she's cool as is. If you think she hasn't been on many dates then she probably has no idea how to really act. I don't think she would have said yes if she wasn't interested.


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  • If she's nervous she probably likes you and wants it to go well. She is just giving you a heads up that she's nervous so you understand if her behaviour isn't all that confident or it comes across in a bad way like she's not interested. I would try and make her feel comfortable and at ease if you can.