Is it normal to feel this way?

Before I thought I couldn't get a girlfriend and now I have a girl in my computer class who legit be a Victoria's Secret angel crushing on me right now funny thing is she literally has done all the initiating I have done nothing. But to quote drake 0 to 100 real quick real fucking quick I went from not have any women interested in me to having a super hot almost supermodel liking me. And honestly I'm not sure I could date her she might be to much for me.

Thanks for opinion


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  • What do you mean by: "she might be too much for me?"

    • I meant couldn't date her cause she's just too much what I meant by that last part was this girl looks like she could be a Victoria's Secret angel I'm average in looks

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  • yeah It's normal but you should definitely go for it. Don't chicken out of it. It might just be you being a little nervous but it'll be very valuable for you to have someone like that in your life romantically.

    • How valuable I have enough anxiety already and I over analyze a lot so with a girl like that I would always assume she's cheating

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    • And somehow this gorgeous girl wants YOU. Yeah you, with the lowkey life. Probably because she's bored of those guys who pressure her for sex or have hidden adgendas. Whatever it is, there'll be a time when you swallow the red pill. If you don't want to that's cool, you'll be like every "dude next door."Just trying to give you the advice I've been gathering for the last two years working on myself. Somehow you know I'm right here

    • But honestly would lifestyles clash