Everyone's dating but me?

I'm a junior in HS, and everyone seems to be able to find a boyfriend but me. Whenever I like Someone I'm rejected. What's wrong with me? I've never kissed or been on a date b4 and for some reason they make relationships look nice. I feel like I'm too weird yo ever be in one. Pple are starting to think I'm a lesbian I'm not. I liked this guy long distance for a long time but he will not date me or flirt back with Me. It hurts. I don't know what's up with me, I'm not ugly, I have big boobs I'm not fat. Maybe I'm just a late bloomer or just not girlfriend material.
With the long distance guy, I'm Just waiting for something that will never happen. I'm 愛されていません

No mean or rude comments please

I'm 16 by the way


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  • Hey cheer up. You'll find someone hopefully sooner than me. Lol I still haven't had my first girlfriend.


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  • まったく.

    I believe this isn't something to worry about for now. Lacking a partner isn't the end of your world. Don't even plan on dating if you're not ready to compromise and defend. There's more to dating than looks. Besides, those couples would break up at any time.



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  • You're overthinking it. You're still young, these things can happen when we least expect. Just be patient and keep looking, don't mind about what people say.

  • Ayyy
    Don't say that
    It's fine
    You're still young
    You'll find your guy soon
    Ok? 😊


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