Should I ask this Girl to hangout?

I want to ask a female friend to hangout, but she has a boyfriend, she has asked me to hangout in the past, but I always had something going on. She asked me for my number not long ago, so that she could invite me along whenever she plans on going somewhere big. Lately she has been really flirty around me all of a sudden, such as touching my hand, stroking my hair, being really sarcastic, and saying things online like "I hate you" jokingly. She's only been like this the last 2 months, she used to be really shy around me.

She is also starting to talk to me online every day, she's even starting to prolong the conversations. and she's starting to ask me how I am, and what I'm up to. She's gone out of her way to do favours for me, like helping me with university coursework, She's got a boyfriend, but is it still a wise idea to ask her to hangout?

I don't know what her relationship is like with the guy since she seems to talk about everything, but barely mentions him, however she used to mention him quite fequently before, it's ever since she's started talking to me more and flirting with me, she barely ever mentions him.

Should I hangout with her just me and her, or invite friends along too? I am attracted to her but I value the friendship more, and don't care if I just end up being friends, since I respect that she's with someone else.


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  • I kinda think you should invite her friends, too. She should realize that she needs to respect her relationship. If she has very strong feelings towards you, her current relationship won't work. I hope you continue to value your friendship and respect that she's in a relationship with someone else :3 just try not to get your feelings hurt


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  • Sure, increase your friendship, get used to hanging out, so that when she gets rid of her boyfriend you'll be able to swoop in.