Messaged a guy about our plans and I haven't heard from him in 2 hours?

I'm supposed to see this guy tomorrow and I messaged him to let him know when I would be showing up tomorrow and Facebook says he has been active online but he hasn't looked at my messages and responded. It's been like 2 hours. Should I say something about if he's bailing or just wait and not say anything? I'm really stressing :(


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  • Ok firstly, do not stress. He is a male, and sometimes they are just busy.

    Secondly, do not get fooled into someone being 'online'. Whilst I have the FB app on my phone and I am in wifi range or have my data on, it always says that I am "online", but in reality, I am not even on my phone, its just sitting in my pocket or in my purse...

  • been there! I guess guys freak out when they hear plans.

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