Girls, Who say that he confident, most girls don't care, is it true?

Girls, Who say that he confident, most girls don't care, is it true?

Is it true that if a guy is comfortable ibhis furry body and doesn't being it up as a negative trait , MOST women would be totally okay in being with a furry man? But I feel they might not show any fuss or complaint to him about his hairs buy deep down she will hate it and wish that she never entered into a relationship with this man, she will wish she also had a normal man who loved her and she could live him back way more. She would also wish her man was normal like other men and like her female friends hubbys.


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  • It's just gross in my opinion. Whether the girl/guy is confident about it or not.

    • Yes ts gross. So as a girl you would dump a guy if he had REALLY Hairy body?

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  • What is normal these days? I remember a time when it was unmanly to not have chest hair, and embarrassing for a guy who cannot grow a beard. Then came the phase where it was clean shaven & smooth chest. But I feel the body hair is coming back around again as I am seeing a wide range of men letting it grow and letting it go wild!

    I think if a girl is not happy with your furr, then I am sure she will say something to you at some point..

    I personally am ok with a guy with chest hair... You are who you are. You can change yourself, but it will only be to satisfy people who do not care for who you really are, so then what is the point of changing?

    • Well mostly these days guys don't have too much chest and belly hair naturally, nature has rectified it's flaw of making man's chest to be hairy since its useless.
      Anyway, what if a man has REALLY REALLY hairy chest, belly , vey hairy arms, legs, thigh and even has hairy back, shoulders, upper arms ame butt cheeks?

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    • Sure, why not? You have obviously made up your mind that you do not like body hair... but why are you trying to change mine or make me feel bad for not finding body hair an issue? You asked for an opinion, I gave it. Is that not enough?

    • I am not trying to make iu feel bad about not hating excessive hairiness on male body. I am just amazed and it's shocking to me because I seriously hate it in general and see the tragedy I myself got it on my own body. I fucking hate this thing that men have excess body hair. Ugh. Its a curse and I wish I die soon

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