He has a girlfriend but I like him?

My crush has a girlfriend, but i like him. Their both seniors this year, and im a junior. I like him but he goes to another school but so does she. They've been together since their freshman year, and I've tried multiple times to get over him but i can't help it. I dont go to the same school as him but I've still been able to keep up with him due to social media, I thought my feelings would eventually pass but they haven't, what should I do?


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  • Than either tell him or move on


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  • Having a crush on someone can bring on a ton of strong feelings, but girls, how would you like it if someone had a crush on your boyfriend and was acting on it? You've got to respect that he's with someone in order to move forward.

    If it doesn't work out?

    He's free game, but until then, you will have to just respect that they are together.

    If you have a lot of emotions and very strong feelings toward your crush, it might be necessary for you to avoid your crush and his girlfriend until you've had some time to get over it, until you've had some time to really let your feelings go.

    And lastly, it's okay to let yourself hurt. It's okay for you to allow yourself to feel the pain of not getting the person that you really like.

    Wishing you the best of luck.