Please help- should I forgive him?

We've been together a year. I thought he was a loyal boyfriend and we were both happy.
I found out that he's been seeing another girl for several weeks. He told her he was single and when she found out she messaged me.
I'm glad she told me, but it was hard hearing how he was taking her on dates etc. She said she hadn't slept with him yet and I believe her, she seemed very upset and was upfront.

I'm so upset I don't know if I'm thinking clearly so I need help. I don't have many friends and if I tell my family they will hate him.
He said he loves me and seems genuinely sorry and said not much happened and they won't talk again.
I really want to forgive him, I can't imagine my life without him and I love him so much.
Should I give him a chance?

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He keeps calling and I don't know what to do :(


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  • I think no but if you really trust him. . . maybe give him a shot but be careful


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  • I believe in second chances, so I wrote maybe, because this depends on you and him. If you love him and want to believe in him again, then yes give him a chance, but ONLY IF you set boundaries, and can set up something that will help repair this relationship. You cannot just forgive him and move on, that's not healthy. You have to fully process this and everything that happened, talk about it, cry, let your trust be destroyed, and let him work to bring it back. He needs to prove that it'll never happen again, not just say that it won't.


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  • He downright cheated on you. He betrayed you. If you are smart then you'll definitely not take his ass back. He took you for granted and picked some other girl over you. NOPE.

  • I know most girls would think 'no dont forgive him' but i say yes. forgiving someone doesn't necessarily mean that things will go back to the way they were. You can forgive him but put up boundaries. Make him sorry that he thought he could even try to get away with it. Also make yourself known that your his girlfriend. If all else fails break up with him and make him jelly. Make him run after you and wish he never did such a foolish thing. And if you still have feelings for him, well thats up to you.


  • I wouldn't. He sounds like someone who has a compulsive lying problem. Someone who likes to keep things from you. Not someone you want to be with if you ask me.