Both of my exes knocked up their next girlfriends after a few months after our breakup?

I feel so hurt. Both of my last two exes who claimed they loved me and claimed it's me they wanted to be with but didn't treat me right. I broke up with them. Both of them impregnated their next girlfriends or hook up girls and would have a baby a year later. I don't understand. I'm the one who was there for them and wanted to be with them and instead they just decide to go have babies with girls they aren't with officially. It really hurts because I'm still healing from the wounds they left me and they seem to be happily moving on because both of them wanted kids. I guess having love first before kids wasn't as important as just having a female pop them out. Meanwhile I can't even date again cause I haven't been able to heal completely yet. Help me understand this?


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  • So what? Move on. Who told you that they are going to be responsible in their next relationships? Also, why do you feel hurt? According to you, they didn't treat you right.

    • I know that's the twisted part. I can't stop obsessing. I understand they might be the same to the new girls but in my head, irrational I know, they have changed. One of them I know has matured a bit since hearing of the baby news. It just hurts they couldn't change for me and I know that means it wasn't meant to be but two guys in a row just makes me feel bad about myself.