Was I even a good boyfriend?

My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday because she didn't want a long distance relationship since she is switching colleges... She kept saying i was "amazing" and I would make some girl very lucky... I texted her good morning, good night, and even made sure that when she was at work she knew i was thinking of her... I feel like a damn failure. She said "you were amazing" but evidently I wasn't amazing enough😅. I treated that girl like a damn princess and I just feel like i was just a terrible person.


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  • She ended the relationship due to reasons outside both of your control (I'm guessing neither of you were able to permanently move to the other's location). Not wanting a long distance relationship is totally reasonable. Don't blame yourself and don't blame her. You'll be okay :)

    • The thing that kinda hurt was she still wanted to be friends... I don't think I could of handled dealing with that.

    • That's understandable.

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  • You gave your everything for her, and you got dumped, so it's understandable that you feel that way, but you also have to understand that not everyone can have a LDR, for some people it doesn't work, and it's better to end it than to stay together and wait for the relationship to die.

    Be happy about your role as a boyfriend, and get out there and find a new and better girl.

    • 😅 easier said than done for me. She was really the only person i had. I have no friends, family or such and people avoid me because I'm a very reserved person. Not to mention my social anxiety disorder and my severe depressive disorder.
      I'm kinda up a creek without a paddle.

    • I know, it's always easier said than done, but it can still be done.
      Use this as a motivator to change and force yourself to get out there to meet new people, new girls.
      Start small, no need to start big, but small steps will help.

    • I really don't want to meet people though. I always found people (especially men) irritating to have a conversation with so I never try to make friends. I always found speaking with people I have no feelings for as burdensome and I become tired of it quickly.

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  • You have to realize that a relationship has 2 outcomes - it works or it doesn't. You get into a relationship to see if you are compatible. It's really that simple. Just cause she didn't feel compatible with you doesn't make you a terrible person. It means the relationship wasn't the right fit for you two. It happens to everyone. It's not a reflection of you but rather a reflection on the relationship.


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  • Its not you man. Its her.
    Bet she told that too