Would you get back with your ex if they slept with someone else while you were broken up?

Dating for 2 years. He breaks up with you, but you both still love each other and are on good terms. She needed to get her shit together, and he couldn't afford to support them both while she did that. The breakup was mostly his idea, but she agreed it was the best thing to do for both of them. She moved out, and in with her dad.

She says she won't date and wants to focus on herself. Seemingly in the hopes that the relationship will work in the future once she has her shit together. He isn't so confident... and is not going out looking but is open to dating new people. Isn't sure if he wants to get back together.

Now he has a date lined up for tonight, a few weeks after the breakup an is feeling a bit guilty about it. She is still trying to hang out, and he feels like he needs more time. And would like to keep his options open at this point.

1. If this guy was dating other women during this time, but didn't sleep with them, would you get back together in the future if you really loved him?

2. If the same guy did have sex with another woman during this time, would you write him off for good? Or would you still be open to him. Keep in mind she is also allowed to date and have sex with other people...


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  • Yeah I would get back together after awhile. You have broken up and aren't doing anything wrong. You will have to tell her you went out with someone else and it might hurt her and she is going to assume you broke up so you could go out with other people even if you didn't. So, I would maybe tell her now that you are going to begin seeing other people but your feelings have not changed. That you are going to explore other options while you are taking time apart but it does not change where you two stand right now. Although, do you still feel the same? Because if it works out with this other girl you might not ever get back together with her... And she will think/know that too...

    • Well, that's the thing. I'm not sure if I do. I love her, but towards the end I just didn't feel the same way about her. We are both going forward like we aren't getting back together, but if it happens then we are both open to it. But for me to know if I want that, I feel like I need to see other people. I can hold off on sex for now, but maybe this date will help me realize what I want.

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  • Yes I would. If we broke up we both have the right to do whatever we wanted to in that time. If we decided later that we were meant to be together and wanted to try again, I wouldn't hold anything he did against him (unless he was like being an asshole or whatever).

  • Don't get back with your exes, period. If you couldn't make it work the first time, it won't work the second time either. People who like each other will find a way to stay together no matter what the situation is.


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