Months after rejection she began to stare at me again, why?

I've known this girl for almost 2 years already I admit I did some things to her she didn't like. I've hurt her and her reaction is taking revenge (doing what I did to her , she would the same to me)
but then everything was alright.

I've ask her out and she was really suprised and began to ask me questions like why I didn't tell her anything and why so suddenly.

Then on whatsapp 4 days later she reject me.
I ignored her while her friends tried to talk to me and even 1 time she did to. But I was too hurt

Then 2 weeks later I whatsapp her and we had a kind of fight and she blocked me.

2 months later.

I see her body facing towards me when I talk to friends and when I look around I caught her staring and she will be looking away, or if she is with friends, I look away while she is staring at me and her friends also look at me but trying to not make it obvious.

Why is she looking at me?


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  • She is Playing Head and Heart Games from where I am sitting here, dear.
    It is Only going to Continue to be a Full Circle Problem Pattern of 'Trying to not make obvious.'
    Ignore her now and Move on. She is still on the War Path with the Past and With... Taking Revenge until her Dying Day.
    Good luck, @Riechedly xx


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  • For a number of reasons, not necassarily because she has any interest in you.


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