Purposely ignoring? What to do?

So, me and this girl have been talking for some time now. We planned on seeing a movie, get something to eat, etc. She seemed super happy to do it, and said lets go tomorrow! Unfortunately I was unable to go as I was visiting with family that day, however, I asked her what day else would work for her, and offered a few days myself. She said she would have to see when she gets her work schedule next. We talked more, planning out what we were gonna do etc, had some fun conversations, it was all left on a good note.

Next day, I don't really hear from her, and weirdly enough, my family visit was cut short, due to some unexpected incidents. So I contacted her asking if she was still free today, and if she wanted to go out. Haven't heard anything back all day. I see her posting on social media and such, but she hasn't even read my messages. What should I do? Should I be concerned or just give it time?


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  • She doesn't like you.


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  • What you do is forget about her. Guys need to learn the importance of being able to walk away but instead they become too needy.


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