EX question.,,, calling all dumpees?

When do you feel your exes USUALLY contact you?
months? a year?
do you ever see a pattern in these types of thins?


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  • As soon as I'm over it they seem to come around. It's like a 6th sense they have.

  • My ex drunk dailed every day after he broke up with me after I returned all his stuff. I finally called back. He said he misses me and misses his new girlfriend. I told him I m not going back to him.
    I visited his usual spot when ever I can. Did about 4-5 times in 2 months. Now he calls me about 2 times a week. I dint initate calls but do returne his calls. I m thinking of stopping all these becuase his girlfriend doesn't kniw n I told him if she doesn't know I dint want to have further contact with him.
    What have you two done so far?