I feel like I'm constantly rejected?

PLEAAASEEE answer :c

I know everyone goes through this, when it comes to attraction and dating and what not but I'm getting upset seeing girls getting boyfriends with no problem, and them always getting the guy. Its always been different for me. I'm usually rejected (well always). I'm a little upset and confused, I just got sister zoned, and the last person I liked totally ignored me when I tried talking to him. I can't help I like the opposite sex, but I'd at least not expect to get rejected so much every single time I'm attracted to someone. This had been every since I was like little like middle to elementary school. Dating in isn't my top priority but I can't help when I like someone. Its such a waste of time to find out the person doesn't even like me back, but it happens so often its upsetting.

My sister always gets guy attention, (she's a year older) everywhere she goes. This guy walked by us yesterday, looked my sis dead in the eye and said she was cute. I've never been approached by a guy. I hear I'm. pretty, I'm not ugly or over weight, I laugh and smile with my sister, I don't know what's wrong with me. She gets asked out on dates, and her boyfriend is so crazy about her, he bought her a $500 promise ring. I can't even get smiled at.

It feels like there's something wrong with me, and it confuses me sometimes, its frustrating. I'm young an whatever but a girl's gonna wonder.

No mean or rude comments please.


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  • Women finally feeling the devastating effects of this feminized world.

    • :/ what? I just wanted to know what I should do. But thank you anyway for replying

    • Don't worry i'm sure you will find him. Sometimes it just takes time

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  • One thing that we, sometimes, don't get is that other people can feel our energy. You should vibe in the same frequency as the things that you want to attrack, being worried if i guy talks or not with you probably makes you look and feel nervous. That could be one reason + I know it's cliche but once you start not giving so much attention to this things will get better.
    Do you boo