I never had a crush on somebody in my whole life. Yet last year, I ended up "dating" an insecure guy at the worst time of my life. Why?


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  • Either because you had pity or because he was a mirror of your own insecure self.

    • First, I didn't know he was insecure when I first met him & you didn't notice I asked TWO questions. What makes you assume that I am insecure lmao

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  • Negative mind attracts another Negative mind

    • what makes you think that i am a negative person lol

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    • uhh okay i ask this question to get opinions i didn't add details about it but that doesn't mean that you have every right to be unfriendly like that. you can get off my question if that irritates you that much.

    • You the one asking me stupid question. How the heck would i know u what you think?

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